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Food safety

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Strict quality management to earn customers’ trust.
The company, Sajo, is reliable that customers can choose, anytime and anywhere with confidence.
The commitment and passion to provide the best taste by fresh and sanitary processing of the best raw materials according to
strict quality control for customers’ safe and healthy living is the calling of Sajo family.

With the will and enthusiasm of Sajo family who will provide the best taste by fresh and sanitary processing of good raw materials, Sajo Institute will promptly collect the consumers’ preferences and various needs and develop quality products. We are committed to providing health and enjoyable living.

Sajo Food Research Institute is located in Gosan-ro, Gunpo City, Gyeonggi-do, and consists of the R&D department and the Future Business Development department. The top-level experts in the food industry conduct various R&D activities using various test analyses and pilot facilities. .

We are constantly studying the trends of the food market, identifying the needs and desires of consumers, and conducting R&D activities for product development and improvement that customers can choose anytime and anywhere, with confidence.