Sajo wants to bring health
and happiness to your family

Management philosophy

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Constant challenge
to the future
There is no success for those who do not dream. Constant challenge spirit and courage of Sajo is competitive power for bigger future. The company will keep the spirit of challenging to develop the best resources and to pioneer the world even with any hardship and adversity.
A company that offers trust
to its customers
Sajo is a company that sells faith before products. The company will pay back the trust and support of the customers with strict quality control for the customers' safe and healthy life and commitment to the best taste. Sajo is a company that you can choose anytime, anywhere, without anxiety.
A passion
for creating the best flavor
Passion is the vocation and hope of all Sajo employees, saying that the best raw materials will be processed in the freshest and most hygienic manner to deliver the best taste. The company will always keep sincerity and enthusiasm for the customers' health and enjoyment.