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Sajo cares for people and families….

Since its foundation in 1971 as a self-taught business for tuna, the company has grown to become one of the world's leading fisheries companies, providing the trust to the customers by pioneering resources based on the challenging spirit to pursuit challenges in the sea and to lead the environmental-friendly fisheries industry that is united with nature.

Under its vision of ‘nature is delicious’, Sajo Haepyo, Sajo Daerim and Sajo Oyang brand were established; and Castlex golf courts were built under the vision of ‘life is enjoyable’; and through the vertical integration of the livestock industry with fisheries, the company is securing global competitiveness in the future food resource development sector.

Sajo Group, a world-class comprehensive food company, leads the food culture with passion to provide safety, health and pleasure of life to family tables, based on family-like corporate culture and constant challenge for the future.