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Sajo exists to create the best products and services based on the precious earth's infinite resources and technology. And ultimately, it is a company that strives to keep and protect the happiness of all of us. The goal is to create the best value for the customers through rational and innovative management and to return the value back to society.

History of Sajo is the history of 'pioneering' fishery resources. Sajo's spirit of challenge has been pioneered in the Five Oceans since its first departure in 1971 as a tuna-fishing port business, and continues to this day and will continue in the future. Sajo has grown into a leader in the fishing industry, and now it has grown into a comprehensive food company that produces the best products by expanding its business into food and stock-raising.

Also, it is very fruitful for the bright future of Sajo in which everyone enjoys being united with nature by creating a culture of love for nature through nature-friendly leisure business. Providing safe and healthy food to customers' tables, and creating an environment that gives joy of life should be a promise and a will of Sajo. In the future, Sajo will continue to pursue honest management that regards the trust and satisfaction of customers as the top priority for health and happiness of families and the bright future of our children.

Ju Jinwoo, chairman of Sajo Group