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Sajo Group, seeking growth into a world’s best company, introduces its subsidiaries.
  • Sajo Systems
    CEOLee Inwoo Address[03740] Seodaemun-gu, Tongilro 107-39, Seoul TEL+82-2-3149-5700 BusinessLogistics and IT Operations / Development
    In October 2009, Sajo Systems(formerly. Cheongtae Development) created innovative value through starting exhibition service, computer software development business in addition to various service businesses which are the main businesses of the company. The company seeks the best quality IT services and development to promote optimal IT service that meets customers’ needs.
  • Sajo B&M
    CEOJoo jihong Address[06693] Seocho-gu, Bangbaecheonro 2-gil 12, Seoul TEL+82-2-313-7226 WebsitePreparing BusinessReal estate lease etc.