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Sajo Group, seeking growth into a world’s best company, introduces its subsidiaries.
  • Sajo Daerim
    CEOKim Sanghoon Address[06699] Nambu Beltway 2159, Seoul TEL+82-2-3470-6000 BusinessMaking and selling fish cake, cooking meat, cold food etc.
    Sajo Daerim Co., Ltd., famous for its "Daerim fresh fish cake", has been the leader of pollock trawls and operating tuna longline fishing since the first Korean fishery started. Since the launch of fish cake product in 1989, Sajo has been producing crab meat, processed products, frozen foods, etc., and has been positioned as a representative company of fresh refrigerated food products. As global competition becomes more intense in securing resources, Sajo Daerim Co., Ltd. will contribute to the national economy by developing and supplying valuable overseas resources, and will continue to lead the global food companies as a leading company in the field of fresh food.
  • Sajo Oyang
    CEOChung taesik Address[06699] Nambu Beltway 2159, Seoul TEL+82-2-3470-6030 BusinessManufacturesales fish cakes, food meat, meat bowls
    Since its foundation in 1969, Sajo Oyang, the founder of fish meat, has been leading the food culture with its food processing business and fishery business. The first-class brands such as "Oyang fish meat" and "Oyang salted fish" are certified by HACCP. The company is making every effort to provide trust and safe food. Based on its craftsmanship in the fishery industry that has been for over 4 decades, "Sajo Group" became like a family and it earns an annual turnover of KRW 1 trillion with its upgraded growth engine in the rapidly changing domestic and overseas market economies. The company will continue to do its best to become Sajo Oyang, a company that provides "fresh and safe food".
  • Sajo FS
    CEOLee Myeongdeuk Address[12994] Gwangam-ro 172, Hanam City, Gyeonggido TEL+82-2-400-4700 BusinessAgricultural products, food materials Retail
    Sajo F&S has been in charge of distribution of food materials since 2012. Since October 2016, Sajo has expanded into a more comprehensive and systematic comprehensive food distribution business as a comprehensive food materials distribution subsidiary of Sajo Group. The purpose is to provide safer, healthier food to promote family health and happiness. The company supplies safe and healthy processed foods produced by Sajo Group, food ingredients such as agriculture, fishery and livestock products, and operate large-scale logistics centers in three metropolitan Ilsan office : [10314] Insandong-gu, Gyeondalsanro 324, Goyang City, Gyeonggido
  • Sajo Donga One
    CEOLee Inwoo, No donghwan Address[06693] Seocho-gu, Bangbaecheonro 2-gil 12, Seoul TEL+82-2-789-9524 BusinessThe manufacture of flour and feed etc.
    Established in 1953, Sajo Donga One Co., Ltd., a leading domestic milling/feed manufacturer, has been leading the way in supplying food, improving dietary life and developing the livestock industry for 6 decades. Currently Sajo Donga One is being operated as a bio-resource division; and through milling business, the company is processing wheat flour and supplying wheat flour to domestic and overseas major food manufacturers under the brand name of "McSun". The company will also expand into overseas markets through production of various products such as Premix, Woorimill and Merry and continuous R&D. The biomass resource business, which manufactures and sells poultry, swine, PET, and fish feed, is a fully integrated automatic safety line that integrates raw materials, mixing and production processes vertically, and produces more than 200 varieties of products. In addition, the company is making great efforts to establish eco-friendly production system as well as to seek te
  • Sama Venture
    CEOKim Sanghoon, Ju Jihong Address[27850] Jincheon-gun, Iweol-myeon, Ideokro 566, Chungbuk TEL+82-43-536-6525 BusinessSeasonings and sauces manufacturing
    Since its establishment in 1987, Sama Venture Co., Ltd. has been concentrating on development of sauces for flavor of various foods and flavors of condiments and processed foods. The company has been studying, developing and producing various kinds of sauce seasonings, concentrate and concentrated powder, bass for soup, seasoning for improving the flavor of snack, food flavor, heating material and frying power for poultry such as chicken and duck. Sama Venture will endeavor to provide reliable products, quality and unique taste and service for domestic and overseas food processing industry and customers, through continuous R&D and quality improvement.
  • Sajo C&C
    CEOKim Sanghoon, Ju Jihong Address[06693] Jincheon-gun, Iweol-myeon, Ideokro 566, Chungbuk TEL+82-70-7116-0005 BusinessPromotional agency service
    Sajo C&C is a company founded by Sajo Group and is specialized in sales promotion by integrating each promotion team to realize economy of scale. Sajo C&C is seeking customer value management, which is the first priority of customers, through the intermediary role between customers and companies and management of customer contact point. In addition, through the SMIS System, one of Sajo C&C's core competencies, the company aims to take a step further to customer value management by providing real-time market information, which is the customers’ main concern.